Workmans Compensation Lawyer

[graphic: noack law office, 952-472-4200,, mound, mn, minneapolis, mn, st. paul, mn] nancy rueckert: on september 11, 2013 i wasthe fifth day on my new job. [graphic: dan & nancy rueckert, clients] and a huge hopper full of products fell onme and it broke my right leg and which i had to have amputated and then i also it crushedmy spine, which i’m paralyzed from the waist down. from there i was in icu for a couple of weeks.and then i finally got to go to the knapp centers, the rehab place connected to hcmc,and then that’s when i met donald noack and

vincent petersen, attorneys that are workingon my case. dan rueckert: yeah, the aggressively thatminute that night they went into action and started working for us. and within the firstweek they got us from the minimum weekly payment of disability to the maximum weekly that’s huge. and they’ve been working hard for us eversince. [end of audio]

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