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getting answers from sacramento’s most-watched late news. this is the cbs13 news at 10:00. it’s what this video doesn’t show that has a local attorney accused of sexual misconduct claiming victory tonight. she says she is regaining her

reputation after she was accused of taking her clothes off for an inmate. steve large has more on the bizarre case which cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. that video was at the center of her federal lawsuit against

the county of sacramento. today, the county ended the odd case with unusual twists. it’s not tell to be uninviting place but local attorneys — a local attorney says she was made to feel like an outcast by deputies at this sacramento county regional correction

facility, accused of sexual misconduct for taking her pants and boots off ring a legal meeting with an inmate. deputies ban her. she filed a federal lawsuit and following a settlement with sacramento county, she told me "i feel like i am finally

starting to get some of my reputation back and it has been a total nightmare." the bizarre case stems from this jailhouse meeting. video shows her on the left- hand her client on the right separated by a glass partition. deputies say this was the

meeting where she took off her clothes. video only shows her briefly stretching and stepping out of frame. her attorney is stuart katz. you look at the video and there is absolutely nothing going on.

she is doing her job. most tellingly, you can see the client and all he is doing is looking at the papers. he is interested in his case . reporter: in another wild twist, the sacramento bee reports deputies may have been suspicious after receiving

emails alleging she had a relationship with a convicted con man who stole millions from eddie murphy’s ex-wife. according to her attorney, she just sent him chocolate chips. had chocolate chips sent to the el dorado county jail for their annual inmate chocolate

cookie competition. reporter: an unusual case of alleged jailhouse injustice. in the settlement, sage county will receive — — sage cavin be — cavandy will receive $10

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